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This is how we clean an extremely dirty parking lot

This is how we clean a dirty parking lot.

This customer knew that his lot was in serious need of being repaved, but they didn’t have the money to do that yet.  They needed to get the lot striped, but because of how filthy the lot was, they would have to get it cleaned and sealed so the stripes would show.  To clean the lot, we used an arsenal of equipment including our Broce Broom, our Tymco 210 Vac Truck, and 5 men each armed with a Billy Goat Blower and wire push brooms.   After about 6 hours, this lot was ready to be sealed.  In part of the video, you can see just how deteriorated the parking lot was, once the dirth and debris was cleared off of it.  Click on the link above to see the video.

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