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Crack and Joint Repair

Crack Repair is often used as the first step of defense in preventative maintenance because it will stabilize deteriorating pavement.

Benefits of crack repair:

Protects the base and sub base: Effective crack sealing keeps water from entering and weakening cracked pavement. Weakening could result in loss of structural support as well as additional cracking.

Reece Seal Coating Inc. recommends mechanically routing cracks in pavement that have not been previously crack repaired. When mechanically routing cracks, we are achieving a one to one ratio, creating a proper sealant reservoir. Routing can more than double the life expectancy of the repairs.

Reece Seal Coating Inc. uses sealant kettles designed specifically for the application of hot rubber sealants. These kettles are equipped with an oil lined double boiler, with separate temperature gauges for oil and material, and a hydraulically driven agitator, to help the material stay at a constant temperature, generally between 375 and 400 degrees. The material is applied through a pressurized wand at exact manufacture’s recommended temperatures.

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Reece Seal Coating Inc. offers concrete joint filling, using self leveling-silicone. Self-leveling silicone joint sealants are one part silicone formulations that can be installed in new or old joints in Portland Cement Concrete pavement over a wide temperature range.

Reece Seal Coating Inc. also offers a variety of asphalt repairs from pot hole patching to milling/removal and replacement of damaged pavement.

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