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Seal Coating

Reece Seal Coating Inc. proudly uses Brewer Cote ™ coal tar emulsion sealer which meets and exceeds federal specifications R-P 355e. We will be happy to assist you in determining the proper mix design and application method for your individual project.

Benefits of seal coating:

Economical: – Preventive Maintenance is more economical than expensive repairs or replacements. Maintains new pavement longer and makes older pavement look new.
Resists oil and fuel drippings that saturate and weaken pavement strength.
Eliminates weather damage from freeze / thaw cycles by protecting against moisture accumulation.
Prevents Oxidation: Protects against the “drying” action of the sun which precipitates raveling of the pavements aggregate.
Curb Appeal: Brewer Cote ™ coal tar emulsion sealer has a charcoal black color which gives all black top that rich, “new look” appearance.

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