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A Drug Free Company

We made a decision several years ago to randomly test our employees. Each new employee is tested upon being hired. Then we are tested on a quarterly basis and are randomly selected as part of a larger consortium that includes several different companies.
This quarter we had 7 of us that were selected. The best part was, that we didn’t have a concern that someone might not pass. It’s who we are. It’s who we have become.
In these times of heavy substance abuse, it becomes increasingly tougher to find qualified, drug free help. But through different avenues, we overcame this adversity and we continue to strive to create a positive and safe work environment.
Why is so important to randomly test every quarter?
We provide pavement maintenance services to a variety of customers. Hospitals and medical offices. Condominiums and HOA’s. Municipalities and county highway roads. Public and Private Schools. Airport runways, taxiways and hangar areas. Shopping Malls and strip centers. We work in areas where there are other contractors and pedestrians as well as vehicular traffic. There is no room for safety mistakes when working in these conditions.
Every contractor and every subcontractor should take drug screening seriously. Whether you are a property manager, or a school superintendent, or an airport manager, you should always ask your contractors to provide you a copy of their drug policy as well as ask them for proof of individual negative results. Imagine the outcome of a horrible accidental injury or death on your job-site if drugs were found to be involved.
These are the seven individuals who passed this quarter’s screening.

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