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Reece offers bulk sealer and accessories and is an authorized Brewer Cote distributor. Reece is also an authorized Billy Goat distributor offering Billy Goat Grazor Wire Wheel Crack Cleaners and Billy Goat Blowers in 6hp and 9hp. Contact us today for additional information.

Asphalt sealer

Brewer Cote pic.png

Brewer Cote Concentrate

Brewer Cote® protects your asphalt pavement like no other sealer can. Brewer Cote® seals in the strength and flexibility of asphalt pavement as it seals out the harmful elements that are attacking it.

Norris City IL Asphalt Sealing Sealcoati

Spec Cote Ready to Use

Spec Cote™ is a concentrated refined tar emulsion pavement sealer. Spec Cote™ exhibits outstanding wear resistance and is highly resistant to gasoline, oil, and ultraviolet light, providing superior protection for asphalt pavement surfaces.

Highway and Street Crack Sealing.png

Crack & Joint Sealants

Reece offers bulk crack and joint sealants for repairs of crack and expansion joints in concrete, asphalt driveways and parking lots.



Diamond Shield Fortifier

DSF functions safely and significantly to reduce the amount of time required for a surface coating to be reintroduced to vehicle traffic without damage to the film. 



An admixture designed for use as a modifier for refined tar emulsions. Increases viscosity and facilitates better sand suspension while enhancing the performance characteristics of refined tar emulsions.


Rapid Dry

Rapid Dry lets you second coat faster, stripe faster, open to traffic faster than other sealer additives.  Rapid Dry improves sealer performance as it improves your productivity. 

Equipment Rentals

Melter Pic.png

Oil Jacketed Melters

Easy to use Crafco 125 gal melters



Reece offers Billy Goat Blowers for sale or rent.  Great for cleaning a small driveway or a large parking lot.

Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 10.06.47

Direct Fire Melters

The RY10 Crack Fill Melter Applicator was designed to provide the most efficient, safe, reliable and easy-to-use hot rubberized crack fill machine. Contractors can melt and apply up to 400 feet per hour; 3200 feet per day.

Striper Pic.png

Line Striping Machines

Titan striping machines are easy to use and provides a sharp consistent line.









  • Crack Sealants - Hot Pour

    • Highway:  Crafco 221.  Meadows 3405

    • Parking Lots: Crafco Polyflex.  Meadows PLS

    • Direct Flame:  Dura-fill.  Meadows DF

  • Crack Sealants - Cold Pour

    • Gator Mastic: Trowel grade crack filler for skin patch application to alligatored areas and for filling cracks greater than 1/2″ in asphalt pavement surfaces.

    • Brewer Tough Stuff: A rubberized asphalt emulsion with greater flexibility designed for filling narrow pavement cracks up to 1/2″ in width, in asphaltic as well as concrete surfaces.

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