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Highway maintenance

 Our Highway division specializes in crack sealing and spall repair on roadway pavement. 

For over 25 years our teams have been performing road and highway maintenance services for state departments of transportation and local municipalities.

When it comes to concrete roads and highways Reece saws the joints to widen them and to remove existing material and debris.  Then Reece seals the joints with either silicone or hot rubber sealant. Additionally, Reece repairs spalls in concrete by using a hot mastic material that is built to outperform conventional spall repair and patching methods.

Cracks in asphalt roads and highways are sealed similarly by either routing the crack to create a reservoir for the sealant or by applying an overband. Both methods use hot rubber sealant.  Larger cracks and potholes can be repaired by using a hot mastic product that is built to outperform traditional large crack and pothole patching methods.


  • Concrete Joint Sealing

  • Asphalt Crack Sealing

  • Concrete Spall Repair

  • Mastic Patching 

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